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The PRS System works to the advantage of the grower…

110310_basilicum_resultaat_4weken-wortelsIn the course of the years the PRS System has proven itself amply. Trials by scientists and (home) growers have shown the many advantages of the PRS System. Applying the PRS System has resulted in a faster plant development (up to 20%) and a water reduction up to 40%. Plants are fuller and stronger and less prone to diseases. A renowned grower of pepper in Noord Brabant (The Netherlands) harvested 19totgewicht_prs% more fruits.

…and as a result to the costumer!

Water shortage

team03In today’s world useable drinking water will increasingly become a scarce commodity. In this field the PRS System can prove to be very helpful. In southern Spain e.g. at various locations water saving figures up to 40% were realized. These figures are very important in these and other areas that have to deal with water shortage that in turn is responsible for  higher water prices for the local population.The gel granules do not only hold the valuable water with the nutrients, but also to a certain extent polluting elements, which are prevented from reaching the plant. All these advantages can be obtained by using PRS plant pots or plant pads. The difference in price between the PRS System and conventional systems are negligible and are amply compensated by the increase in harvested produce and the decrease in losses due to diseases and drought and very importantly: to transport.

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Gloxinia (PRS System: plant on the left)

But don’t take our word for it. Preferably not! We challenge you to try the PRS System. Interested parties are invited to contact us and together we can see what PRS can do to improve your crop within the frame work of your current growing process. 

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