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What is PRS?


Plant Regulating System PRS®



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The Plant Regulerend System® (PRS) is a patented plantgrowth system, consisting of a specially designed plant pot with extra holes at the side and a water holding gel at the bottom of the pot. The holes at the side provide extra oxygen that can easily find its way to the plant roots. This is essential to increase the growing capacity of the plant. The gel (polymer) at the bottom of the pot retains the water in which the nutrients for the plants are stored. Seven Gramms of gel can easily hold one Liter of water. 
To ensure an optimal working of the system the soil (or any other substrate) is seperated from the gel by hessian.

When applied correctly the PRS System, with its unique properties of extra oxygen and water buffer, will guarantee a better and faster plant growth. The roots will develop faster and better, which in turn will result in stronger and healthier plants and an increasing vegetative and generative growth. Click here for more info (pdf, only in Dutch).

In the course of the years numerous trials with all kinds of plants, fruits and vegetables have been conducted and the outcome was always in favor of the PRS System. Inventor Huup van den Ende has been constantly and arduously working to improve the PRS System. The special PRS Tray is such a new development that has contributed to improving the PRS System. The PRS Tray combined with dripper irrigation makes it possible that superfluous water can easily flow away, ensuring that plants will not suffer from too much water. This is crucial for the PRS System and gives even better results than before.


PRS Tray for 25 cm plant pot


PRS Plantpad

An other innovation is the PRS Plantpad. This handy application is especially developed for home growers. Using the plant pad they can profit from the many advantages the PRS System has to offer, without having to worry about special watering and plant nourishing schedules.

Scientific tests have shown the positive effects of the PRS System on plants and their crop. PRS can be applied to all kinds of plants (cut flowers and pot plants), vegetables, like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and even to trees in the soil.

Aspleniumkweker van Duinhoven

Asplenium grower Van Duinhoven

When I was first made aware of the PRS System I was rather sceptical. So many new inventions are introduced. But I decided to try the PRS System and got excellent results.
(Van Duinhoven, Asplenium grower, Mariahout, Holland)



PRS Products

25 cm

PRS 25 cm plant pot

PRS plant pots can be made in almost any size and form and out of all suitable materials like plastic, coco and pressed cardboard. The gel is made from degradable polyacrylamid which dissolves completely within about five years into water and carbon. The gel absorbs the water that holds the nutrients. These nutrients are now available to the plants whenever they need them, resulting in an optimal growth, which is reinforced by the extra oxygen that can find its way easily through the holes in the side of the pot. Scientific research by the TNO Institute in 2007 has shown that increased oxygen has a positive effect on the growth of plant roots.

19 cm

PRS 19 cm plant pot

PRS performs best with ebb and flow systems for plant pots up to nineteen Centimeter and with dripper systems for larger pots and with fruits and vegetables.

Besides in the special PRS Plant pots the PRS system can also be applied with other growing systems.


PRS System: ideal for vertical gardening

Examples of these other possible ways to apply the PRS System are on golf courses, cultivation beds and large containers for vertical gardening, by the side of the road (for trees and bushes in city streets), in utility buildings, like offices, train stations and airports, especially in hot climates and in places were water is scarce and expensive. The gel holds the valuable water and diminishes water evaporation. Less watering not only means lowervg_office costs for water but also for labour and maintenance. An other saving on costs with the PRS System is that PRS produces stronger and healthier plants, which means less losses through diseases.



Numerous trials and scientific tests, in green houses and in the open field, have shown that PRS can save water (up to 40%) and energy (up to 35% of gas for heating). PRS produces a healthier plant and an increase in fruit and vegetable yield, ranging from 5 to 25%, depending on the product.




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