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PRS Plant pads


PRS Plant pad

By introducing the PRS Plant pad PRS is responding to popular demand to make the PRS System available to the consumer market. With the PRS Plant pad it is not longer necessary to use the special PRS plant pots in order to profit from the many advantages the PRS System has to offer.


The PRS Plant pad combines ease of use and the advantages of a waterbuffer in the plant pot or container.

This makes the PRS Plant pad ideal for home use, in urban gardening, in the workplace such as offices and other utility buildings en in plant container in public places such as on streets and squares.
The PRS Plant pad consists two layers one layer of hessian and one layer of special paper with in between the water holding gel granules and fertilizer

The PRS PRS Plant pad is placed at the bottom of the pot or container. The plant roots find their way into the gel in which water with the nutrients is stored.
Soon a ‘green’ plant pad will be available, especially developed for organic growers. These plant pads will contain organic fertilizer.

How to use:


  • PRS Plant pads are sustainable and environmentally friendly.
    They only need to be replaced after four years or when the plant is transferred into a bigger pot or container. All materials are natural and a 100% biodegradable..
  • PRS Plant pads result in better plant growth.
    Plants can make optimal use of water and nutrients that are stored in the gel.
  • PRS Plant pads can be applied in every plant pot or container.
    Although the PRS System works best in combination witht the special PRS Plant pot, plants in normal pots or containers can profit from the unique qualities of the gel.

Maria (29)

Amazing these Plant pads. My plants grow much better. My herb garden was never so abundant! (Maria from Almelo, Holland)

Extra advantages for the costumer:

+ Less watering necesarry

+ Less water use saves costs and is a benefit to the environment

+ Plants grow and fluorish in dry and hot circumstances

+ Plants demand less care and provide at the same time more fruits and vegetables


Leo (34)

I live alone and I often have to travel for work. When I get home I like to see my plants in a good condition. I used to depend on my neighbour and sometimes my mother. Now I use PRS Plant pads. An ideal solution! (Leo from Venlo, Holland)


PRS Plant pads are especially suitable to sell in gardens centres and DIY stores.



PRS Plant pads can be supplied in all shapes and sizes, to fit plant pots as well as containers. 

PRS Plant pads can even be applied in the full soil.

PRS Plant pads can be purchased in flexible numbers and size per package. 


If you want to order plant pads please fill out the contact form:
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