• Nederlands
Oct 162013

The PRS company is like all innovative enterprises constantly working on the improvement of its products. From Oct 15th 2013 a new, improved version of the PRS Plant pad is available. This plant pad consists of only one layer of hessian. As a consequence the Plant pad is much thinner and even easier to ease. The gel granules hold ecostyle vinasse fertilizer, consisting of 4% Nitrogen (N), of which 2% is organically bound and 2% Potassiumoxide (K2O), soluble in water.

Ultra thin PRS Plant pad.

By using only one layer of hessian the price of the PRS Plant pads have gone down. Consumer prices can go down as a result.
The PRS Plant pads are available in various sizes, round, oblong and square. On request fertilizer can be added to the plant pad as a special service to the customer.

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