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When using the specially made plant pots and plant pads of the Plant Regulating System PRS® users can profit from a revolutionary and innovative product that saves water and generates stronger and more beautiful plants with a higher yield of fruits and vegetables.


PRS Plant pot

The patented PRS® System is based on two simple, but when applied in combination very effective principles: a water absorbing and retaining gel and extra oxygen to benefit the plant roots. The gel granules absorb the water and increase in volume to form a soft gel. These granules are environmentally friendly and a 100% bio degradable.

Special plant pot
In the special PRS® plant pot the gel granules are separated from the soil by hessian. This plant pot has extra holes at the side to allow more oxygen to reach the roots. Extra oxygen stimulates the growing of the plant, leading to up to 30% growth increase. The gel at the bottom of the pot retains the water, in which the nutrients are dissolved. The roots grow into the gel. This allows the plant to access water and nutrients whenever it needs them. This results in a faster plant growth and in healthier, stronger plants that produces a bigger crop. Trials have shown that when applied properly the the PRS® System allows more than 25% profit in comparison with traditional growing methods. Evaporation is significantly reduced with the PRS® System.

gehydrateerde gelkorrels

hydrated gel granules

Espevertical_gardens_02cially in hot, dry areas with desert conditions and in areas with significant evaporation conditions such as balconies and roof tops. In these conditions the PRS® System allows users to water their plants less frequently. Moreover the PRS® System ensures that plants can grow under optimal circumstances. It is easy to use and saves costs, to either professional users or  home growers that on their alotment or balcony are enjoying themselves with urban gardening. The PRS® System can save up to 40% of water.


PRS Plant pad

Plant pads
Especially for home growers PRS® developed the PRS Plant pad. But in the meantime professional growers have come to appreciate the versitality of the Plant Pads. This plant pad consists of one layer of hessian and one layer special paper with the gel granules glued between them. When applying the plant pads there is no need to use the special PRS® plant pots to profit form the advantages of the PRS® System.

The plant pads are available in all shapes and sizes and can easily be adapted to any plant pot or container. Plant Pads are available with either time release nutrion granules or without the granules. On request biological nourishment can be added in stead of artificial nourishment

The PRS® System

  • saves water (up to 40%)

  • is environmentally friendly

  • protects plants from dehydration

  • increases plant growth and

  • generates more fruits and vegetables (up to 25%)