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PGS Head office

Plant Growth Systems (PGS) acts as mediator between the PRS Company and parties that are interested in conducting a trial with the PRS System. Besides that PGS acts as a consultant for growers and other parties, such as whole sales companies, garden centres and DIY stores.

PGS is housed in a listed farm building in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From this home teambase our highly qualified PGS consultants cross the world to advise and inform interested parties about the PRS System, PRS products and the implementation of the system.


If you have any questions, need more information or are interested to try the PRS System, don’t hesitate to contact us. PGS works also as mediator in distribution and/or licensing rights world wide.


Plant Growth Systems
Ringdijk 58
1097 AH Amsterdam/The Netherlands

tel: +31 6 33 89 59 74

e-mail: info at plantgrowthsystems.com