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Oct 072014

“Plant Growth Systems is not afraid of taking risks”, says CEO Charles Bakker. “It is in our nature to row upstream, because ours is a difficult market that demands a lot of energy and endurance”. The company is looking to expand and has its eyes fixed on the East. Russia is the main target, because of its vast possibilities, both agricultural and financial. “Russian businessmen are real entrepreneurs. When they see changes they will not hesitate to jump on the opportunity,” Bakker continues. “At the moment a Dutch company is building 13 hectares of greenhouses. That is a huge project. We have never seen this before on such a large scale. So for Dutch business there are lots and lots of opportunities and we are planning to be part of that”. Bakker’s plans are still in their developing stage, but he is convinced that there is a market for water saving systems as water will be even more scarce in the future. “Our plant pads offer a cheap and versatile solution to the problem of water scarcity.”

PRS Plant

PRS Plant pad

Plant Growth Systems (PGS) is now looking for the right business partners. “Russia is far away from our home ground. At the moment we have are negotiating with several partners and through the Chamber of Commerce and other channels we are convinced ww will find the right ones”. Careful operating is necessary, especially in the current climate of boycotts and a growing mutual mistrust on a political level. “We will not let that hinder us. Quite the contrary. Who knows tomorrow everything may be back to normal and if we would have waited, chances are we might have missed the boat”. PGS is open for business with the East, especially with the Russians. “The right partners, that is what we are looking for”. Bakker smiles. “When we find them, you will be the first to know. Do svidaniya”.

Oct 162013

The PRS company is like all innovative enterprises constantly working on the improvement of its products. From Oct 15th 2013 a new, improved version of the PRS Plant pad is available. This plant pad consists of only one layer of hessian. As a consequence the Plant pad is much thinner and even easier to ease. The gel granules hold ecostyle vinasse fertilizer, consisting of 4% Nitrogen (N), of which 2% is organically bound and 2% Potassiumoxide (K2O), soluble in water.

Ultra thin PRS Plant pad.

By using only one layer of hessian the price of the PRS Plant pads have gone down. Consumer prices can go down as a result.
The PRS Plant pads are available in various sizes, round, oblong and square. On request fertilizer can be added to the plant pad as a special service to the customer.

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